Saturday, May 7, 2011

BAR IN MAKATI (CENTRAL). Entry: Wednesday 5-5-11


By Matthieu the Assistant Director

The bus coming back from Banaue was 10-hours of frigid vents blowing from all angles accompanied by a restless and sleepless bus ride. We finally arrived in Manila at 4:30 in the morning, so we planned in a little R&R to lighten our travels.

After our power naps, my faithful crew and I set our sights on the nightlife of Manila!  We decided to ease into it with the bar called Central Bar… The scene was scattered with young locals, boogie-dancing waiters, flame sizzling dishes, cheap beer and a whole lot of fun!

As the night progressed, Dom was dragged out to the bar to show off his dancing skills…although not the most impressive moves, he danced his heart out! Way to boogie down with the locals.

Midnight approached before we knew it and had to turn in for the night for tomorrow holds new adventures.

Stay posted for the next blog!!


I must remind my fellow travelers that plumbing may differ when traveling…I experienced this when my stool did not agree with the piping of the common Filipino house. My American poop of steel resisted to go down as I had to borrow a neighbors plunger and plunge as the water in the bowl rose aimlessly. The gods decided to give me a break and eventually allowed the toilet to clear up, but be warned as you venture away from that comforting porcelain bowl of yours at home…

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