Sunday, May 1, 2011

ARRIVING PHILIPPINES. Entry: Friday 4-29-11 to Saturday 4-30-11

 By Matthieu Petrucci (Assistant Director and Consultant)

Onward to the Philippines!!

Nothing like a 20-hour plane ride to start my journey to the unfamiliar, tropical conundrum that is the Philippines. As I sit, stuck in my seat, restless leg syndrome kicking in, I have an overwhelming feeling of excitement, apprehensiveness, and knots galore in my stomach. It didn’t hit me until last night that I am actually going on such a large venture.


On the line are:
·      Large personal investments
·      Unforgettable experiences
·      Dreams to become realities
·      Potentially life changing opportunities

Interesting Stories:

Story #1
Going to the Philippines apparently brings out all the Filipinos… Yesterday 2 coincidences:
1)   Ringing out at Best Buy: just so happens my cashier was born in the northern region
2)   Called Chase customer care: Also a Filipino who’s born and raised in the southwestern country
Whether good fortune, weary omen, or just a simply coincidence, I enjoyed comforting occurrence.

Story #2
Taking the metro to JFK. Befriended a fellow traveler. Struck up stories as we closed in our destination. Promoted a little more Budget Backpacker. And who really knows where a lead will come from?

Story #3
Struck up a conversation with one of the flight attendants. Just so happens he lives in Chelsea and is fairly connected in the film industry…who’d of guessed! Anyway, we exchanged contact info and he just might be able to help out latter on.

He gave comforting words of advice that it may take a while for things to take off but anything could happen.

I landed, made it back safely Manila, and we were greeted with the happy faces and hospitality of Kenny’s family!

In summary, I’m scared out of my mind, doing my best to keep cool, and preparing myself for an awesome trip.

Wish me and the crew luck with our venture!!!

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